About AC Group


The history of AC, Lda reports to its ancestors, being already in the 3rd generation in the business area that focuses on Access Control, revolutionizing the classic systems and accumulating a vast experience in the area of access control, whether mechanical or with the new mechatronic revolution.
AC, Lda, as an international group, with partnerships and offices established in South America, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Turkey (…) arises with the need to approach the markets through brand branches, this way becoming a group at the scale of globalization in which we live today as reality.


The purpose of AC, Lda is based on the continuous search for flexibility and speed in responding to market demands.
The increasing sophistication of the consumer market today seeks a continuous evolution in product development and marketing.
AC, Lda has a set of patented brands in this regard, such as AC-Access Controls, i-TEC, i-TEC Media and B-UNIK.
Information, scientific knowledge and the mastery of technologies, are the essential tools that AC, Lda is equipped to face the continuous changes of this era.
Our commitment to innovation is based on our commitment to launching new products on the market and optimizing existing ones, thus serving our customers and partners continuously, and with high security solutions adapted to the most diverse environments.
Close contact and constant communication with the various markets, development partners and representatives of science and research, enables AC, Lda to integrate useful suggestions into the product development cycle, thereby restructuring processes in terms of safety, convenience and cost efficiency.
Today’s world is a global village, where people must communicate and access information from anywhere. Technology is constantly evolving, which requires the need for adaptation and consequently changes.


The main values ​​of AC, Lda are centered on the service and the provision of accessible and complete solutions, for the common user, global public and specialized companies.
AC, Lda predisposes to cooperate producing in OEM system helping the partners to reach their objectives more easily, due to the wide experience in the universe of access control and stainless steel mechanics.
Nowadays, we live in a world where time is getting shorter and more valuable, in this sense, AC, Lda directs its strategy in the search for the solution to the busy times we live in today, that is, comfort and simplicity , because we believe that “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication”.
AC, Lda allows with all simplicity of use the highest technology of access control and the most innovative mechanics. With design, production and development departments.
AC, Lda holds dozens of international patent registrations.
We believe that AC, Lda is the right option, based on a young and dynamic team that every day seeks answers to the demands of each individual and everyone in general.

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