AC Group’s history reports to its ancestors, more precisely to the year 1937, reaching today the 3rd generation in the business area that focuses on Access Control.

With the growth of this domestic industry of its ancestors, in which the mastery of strategic raw materials marked the formation of the bases for the revolution of the classic mechanical systems, progressing with a vast accumulated experience both in the mechanical area and with the new mechatronic revolution arising from the incessant advancement of information technologies and their long-awaited convergence with communication technologies, AC Group is at the forefront of this strategic relationship between the security of Access Control and information technologies.

After a professional road, commitment and firmness, in a challenge of the Vida AC Group, it was founded by its CEO, Alcides Alves de Castro, in 2010, surrounding itself today with a group of investors and a dynamic network of partners that constitute a Globalization-scale group.

By constantly reinventing itself, AC Group invests in an extensive research and development department, based on the quality of its professional team, resources that are the cornerstone of today’s competitiveness and demand.

Investigation and development

AC Group has the ability to offer integrated services within the company, taking into account all its production knowledge and the wide range of products from the most varied manufacturing processes, being specialized in handling the most diverse metals. Through the latest production hardware and software, including Product Design, Functional Development, Prototyping, Technical Documentation for product certification purposes and Part Design Optimization for each manufacturing process, as an international group the AC Group offers approved solutions for a wide range of markets, enabling collaboration / production in an OEM system.

As a global supplier of products, service communications and security solutions, AC Group offers not only an innovative product range, but also a business partner program, supporting the guarantee of a direct and personal relationship. Thus, AC Group, designates a Project Manager and several points of contact for the client in each Project, allowing the monitoring of the entire process of development, verification and validation of results. With its international and local presence it is incessantly close to its customers, knowing the various gaps in the markets, adapting and guaranteeing a high level of services.


The company’s OEM production capacity is based on the latest technologies with long-standing know-how in the industry. Foundry is a manufacturing process by which AC Group has a virtually unlimited production capacity, for whatever the final product.

AC Group Warranty:

Quality / Finish

Metal injection

At the forefront of technique and technology we follow this method so that we are now able to produce parts in more detail, where the requirement is maximum.


AC Group has the capacity of manufacturing production by the injection method, in this configuration the machines can produce millions of pieces annually. Other machinery is added to the process, enabling the necessary alteration of the specific part.

AC Group Warranty:

Quality / Finish


The grinding method is one of the most advanced and in which AC Group has greater capacity, through its machinery.

The company has state of the art mechanical turning machines, transfer table machines, vertical and horizontal CNC.

Thus, when AC Group receives the final product it always guarantees not only quality, but also. the best possible price, adapting the most viable and quick process to the product.


For the production in huge quantities of objects of great simplicity in terms of design, AC Group has printing processes that grant 3 ideal variants for any consumer: quantity, price and quality.


In its origin, this finish is processed through the combination of Zirconium and Titanium vapors in another material, this process makes the final product much more resistant and long lasting.

PVD thus more than doubles its resistance time in corrosion tests (Corrodkote, Aceptic Salt Spray and Cass Test). The excellent characteristics of this, result in the same color and brightness for life. high resistance to oxidation by atmospheric agents, greater hardness that results in greater resistance to wear.


All products without any exception require the greatest attention to detail in terms of finish, AC Group has a variety of processes that guarantee the quality of the final product.

With highly experienced professionals accustomed to the level of maximum demand, and through grinding and CNC polishing machines you can give your product a better finish.

The company also has an extensive quality process that results in the delivery of products only at 100%.


In this process we aim to give each piece extra protection against the usual corrosion agents in metallic materials, improving its surface properties in order to increase its durability, as well as providing an aesthetic option different from that which is more usual.

AC Group, has a remarkable capacity and know-how working in coating processes such as chrome plating, powder coating and lacquering.


The quality control process is extremely important for the company, since only in this way can the quality of all products be guaranteed. Thus, the company has the most rigorous control systems that are governed by the standard requirements of the ISO 9001 test.

AC Group, in order to adapt and guarantee a high level of quality to its products, has the most recent test instruments taking into account the most varied possible parameters.